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Here you can find the best-selling grill products: the best products from online stores.

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How to Choose the Best Grill for You

We know that the aroma of a good barbecue captivates and makes you want to try one as soon as possible. But like all the pleasures in life, you have to make difficult decisions, and the grill is one of them! 

This note will guide you to choose yours, considering your gourmet taste and the results you expect when grilling. What should you look for when choosing one? Find out for yourself in this note …



The first thing you have to decide is the size of your next grill and the cooking surface measurements, which will determine the degree of power in which the food will be broiled.

For that, you must consider the number of people and the types of food that you will grill in it: up to 4 people, you can choose a small one, between 5 and 8 people, 

we recommend a medium one, and for more than ten people, it is better than choosing a big one. With this information, you will quickly know how big your new grill should be and will allow you to focus on delighting your guests by grilling!


There are two preponderant factors for the life of a grill beyond its guarantee: the use and the material from which it made. The best grills are those of cast iron and aluminum and stainless steel, where it is key to clean it after use, remove all residues, either fuel (coal) or food remains.

If you want a charcoal grill, preferably a cast-iron one because it resists high heat better; If you prefer gas, choose a stainless steel one for its non-stickiness, which will leave it free of resistant stains.

And if your intention is to have an electric one, aluminum has better resistance to chip scratches and is made to withstand a drop in power in electricity.


The key to a right grill is to control the grill’s temperature at all times and at which the food is being roasted. Meats and vegetables do not require the same temperature, and even between different types of meats, it does not apply the same heat, so it is essential that the grill is easy to control in this regard. 

In some models (electric, coal or gas), there are hermetic lids that can be opened or closed to control the oxygen that enters to fan or attenuate the heat,

while others have a built-in thermometer that indicates the temperature level. It is super important in a charcoal grill that you can move the grill grate (zoom in or out); it will be vital for this traditional way of grilling.

Our recommendation is always to consider all or at least one of these control mechanisms because it will make a difference in your roast’s flavor.


Electric grills are the fastest to turn on but have the most maintenance issues. They follow the gas, ready as soon as the burner has taken the necessary heat to seal meat. 

And finally, there are the charcoal ones, which take an average of 20 minutes to ignite due to the effect of its combustion.

Our suggestion is: if you prefer to save time and not complicate lighting, your option is an electric grill. But if you are not worried about the time or the speed of lighting and enjoy from that moment until the end of the barbecue, then yours is a charcoal or gas grill.


We already said it a little above. The best grills are cast aluminum and iron grills, followed by stainless steel grills and vitreous enamel grills (a glass-like powder, which is sprayed onto the metal ).

All these materials have high resistance to heat and have good behavior (they are not structurally damaged) when exposed to water or the effect of toxic substances, such as carbon resin or the elements.

If you know it, with whatever material you choose, you will play it safe, and they will ensure an excellent grill to enjoy for a long time.


Do you have removable items for easy removal and cleaning? It would be best if you considered that the elements that make up a grill must be easy to clean and safe to handle it without problems and that no member of the family or friends suffers an accident. 

For example, the entire structure or parts where they could be supported mustn’t be heated. You can also choose one with a tray that receives the grease (it will facilitate cleaning) and a protector that isolates it from the elements to always be in good condition.



When it comes to models and designs, there is something for all tastes and spaces. First, think about what area you have available and visualize the model suitable for that space.

If it is large, choose a model with everything, because there is nothing better than comfort! A charcoal grill is a complete option for a barbecue lover. 

You can find grills with built-in handles, airtight lids, or wheels that make it easy to move.

The most modern ones have an iron or speedo, accessories that allow to heat sauces or maintain the temperature of what has just come out of direct heat. And the larger models have space to store charcoal or the barbecue cutlery set.

If your bet on functionality, we recommend a gas grill, which is versatile and portable, does not require an expert grill at command and offers accessories similar to the most basic models of a charcoal grill.

An electric grill is very simple and offers the basic service of grilling. Our recommendation is to cook vegetable products in it, or that do not require a very strong heat, such as a sauté of meats.

To help you even more in the decision, we tell you some details of the types of grills available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and grill style.

Charcoal grills

Charcoal grills

It is classic and favorite among barbecues; in fact, some believe that the charcoal grill is the unique and most authentic way to grill food. 

They are available in all designs, models, and sizes. They can use wood or charcoal briquettes in bulk as a source of fuel, which produces a distinct, strong, and smoky flavor in the preparations and is also not very expensive. 

This is the most traditional way of making a barbecue and possibly the one you like the most, but when using them, you must take into account the pollution it generates,

The strong smell that permeates your clothes and that is not recommended for cities with air pollution, like Santiago, Temuco, Los Angeles, and Coihayque during critical episodes. It is suitable for homes with large outdoor spaces.

Gas grills

Gas grills

Gas grills typically come in a cart-style wheeled model or are designed to be permanently integrated into an outdoor barbecue or kitchen area. 

Today there are two ways to fuel a grill with gas: natural gas and liquefied gas. By using natural gas in your grill, you will spend less, and you will not need to change the tanks in the middle of cooking, as it happens when you use a gas bottle. 

Perhaps the only downside to using a gas grill is how heavy they get with having a space for gas, which makes it difficult to move them around; also, the risk of explosion due to overheating or maintenance of the fuel inlet valve.

They are suitable for all types of homes, except those that require cohabitation standards.

Electric grills

Electric grills

Electric grills are generally much more compact and smaller and can generally be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as being the only ones allowed in apartments due to their low risk of causing an accident. 

Electric grills are the best alternative to get started in this world, they are very easy to use, and you just have to connect them to a nearby outlet and turn the control knob.

Regarding the type of cooking, these grills take a few seconds to reach their heat pick, but once it does, the food cooks very quickly, without emitting heat or smoke if your lifestyle is to make it easy, grill on an electric.

Choosing the grill of your dreams will depend exclusively on your tastes, the foods you are preparing for it, the convenience you are looking for, your budget, and even where you live. 

Can we help you with this data? We hope so!

Now find your model in our catalog and fall in love with one of them.

We wish you a 20th full of delicious roasts on your new grill!

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