How to make your content most popular online 2020-2021

We have many websites but we cannot popularize our content. That’s why many people ask a lot of questions.  So the way How to make your content most popular online  widely discussed. So let’s get to the main discussion –

content marketing trends 2020

Currently readers of various classes around the world search Google for the information they need. Google then displays the results of many websites on its search results page . Some may first display the name of a website on the next page.

SEO is the method of ranking a webpage. A webpageis ranked insearch engine by one or more keywords . SEO plays a crucial role in bringing a news first in search results.

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What is the content?

Content means content . Content is the medium through which something can be expressed. Something may be the situation, there may be an image and a sound. They can be directly published and stored and stored and distributed.How to make content popular

They may have only one transcript, and may have multiple exact copies. Such as any handwriting, printed paper, video or moving picture, audio or sound, graphics or design , design or drawing, photographs, films, documents, animations or infographics, etc.

How to make your content most popular online

How to Write SEO Friendly Content –

Content is called king in SEO. Now many keywords are ranked with content. The question is what kind of content or what kind of content ranks very easily. In fact, you need to know which content is SEO friendly. 

Things to keep in mind when writing content –

The title should be interesting

Seeing a news headline, the reader wonders whether the news will be read or not. The title of the news has to be fixed keeping the reader’s thinking and interest in mind.

As always, online news headlines are slightly different. Can’t think of print media online.

  • It’s best not to use more than 5 words in the  title .
  •  The reader cannot be misled in any way. Mentioning the name of the place will not confuse the reader.
  •  Without the traditional headline, the original sentence could come in the headline from within the news.

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Keywords are words that you use to search for your information in various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Asc, etc.). Using the focus keyword in the title will help your post rank in search engine.

Pictures / Images

  •  The resolution of the film has to be good.
  •  You need to use photos related to the incident. No news can be published without photos.
  •  The size of the image must be adjusted.
  •  If the picture is taken from the Internet, then the caption should be mentioned in the picture.
  •  Logos can be used in images you create.
  •  If there is video or audio related to the incident, it should be shared. You can choose YouTube as a video sharing site and SoundCloud as an audio sharing site.
  •  You can share the test result or PDF file in Google Drive.

Body Content

  •  The name of the person to whom the report is written, or the name of the subject, should be kept in the first paragraph.
  • If I were to write a report on Justin Bieber in 4 words, then Justin Bieber’s name should be here 3 to 8 times .
  •  Write content in a very simple and fluent language.
  • Write 2 to 3 lines in one paragraph.
  • The writing language will be clear, concise, and active.
  • Avoid using unnecessary words.
  • The same cannot be repeated repeatedly.
  • Do not make the report too small or too large, so that it is at least 3 to 5 words.
  • Spelling should not be mistaken.
  • Avoid the use of passive voice. For example: I eat rice (active), I eat rice (passive).
  • When you link another content to your content in the body, SEO is friendly.
  • You can do important things with the sub head. Then it will be more user friendly.

How to make content popular

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tools is a free service from Google . By which you will know-

  • The visitor’s realtime report
  • Visitor location
  • Number of Visitors
  • List of referral sites
  • The number of visitors from the search engine
  • Website Bouncerate
  • Comparative report
  • Number of visitors from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc.)

With Google Analytics tools you can easily set your target.

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SEO Friendly Content Tips

  • Currently available, breaking news / content can be best given immediately.
  • You can share content you post on your Facebook timeline, share it with friends on Messenger. This will increase site visits.
  • Humanitarian, searchable and informative news hits the most.

Warning on content

No content can be stolen or copied from other sites.

If you have to make a copy, you need to get permission from the site owner or give credit below the content

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