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Spotify, as you know, is an online music streaming service founded back in 2006 in Sweden, has over 220 million active users.

It offers both free and paid plans. In the free plan, you will get ads while streaming music. Overall it is a great music service to use but it also has some annoying defects.

Spotify Launch in 2008

The Spotify app was launched on October 7, 2008. While free accounts remained available by invitation, the launch opened paid subscriptions to everyone. At the same time, Spotify AB announced licensing deals with major music labels.

It is absurd to expect to discover which Spotify clients follow your open playlists. Despite the fact that this data used to be open, a 2019 notice from Spotify’s improvement group affirms there is no arrangement to bring back this component.

This Factarticle will instruct you on some different approaches to measuring the prominence of your playlists on your Android, for example, how to see whether one of your companions follows your playlists (on the off chance that they’ve made that data open) and what number devotees your playlists have.

Download Spotify App :

Like other music gushing applications, Spotify likewise has the component of open playlists, wherein others can follow your freely shared playlists.

Your companions can likewise follow your astonishing playlists yet how would you be able to know precisely who is following your playlist?

What’s more, you can likewise impart the playlists to your companions who could follow, them. Be that as it may, how to know precisely who is following your playlist on Spotify?

Let us show you how to see who follows your playlists. Get some innovative playlist names for your Spotify playlists.

how to see who follows your Spotify playlist ?

Indeed, sadly, it’s not straightforwardly conceivable to see who follows your playlist, like Spotify, some time in the past has incapacitated the component however there are a couple of manners by which you could see the number of adherents your playlist has and take a gander at a portion of the devotees who are following your playlist.

How do you see who follows your Spotify playlist … Takes A look

As Spotify has debilitated the best approach to check who follows your playlist, there is another approach to see who follows yet by setting off to a solitary individual’s profile, to check on the off chance that they follow your playlist or not.

It’s a truly simple strategy and here’s how you can do it –

  • Firstly, go to your account settings inside the Spotify app.
  • Then tap on ‘View Profile‘. Your Spotify profile should open up.
  • Then tap on the ‘Followers‘ option among the three options right below your username.
  • Then the list of your followers opens up. Now individually go to your profile and check the playlists that they are following. Maybe most of them are following your playlist and you will get to know some of the people who are following your playlist on Spotify.

This was a tolerably thrifty way to see who follows your playlists, but if you want to check the number of followers of your playlists, then read here.

how to see who follows your spotify playlist On Android

Here are the steps to check the follower’s number of your playlist on the Spotify Android app –

  • First,  Open the Spotify app on your phone. The app icon is a green circle with three black curved lines.
Spotify app
Spotify app ; Credit wikipedia

As of a new update, Spotify no longer automatically displays the playlists somebody follows on their public profiles. Because of this update, this process will only work if the person following your playlist has manually signed it as “Public” in the Spotify app.

If you follow someone else’s playlist and want it to arrive publicly on your profile, open the playlist, tap the three-dot menu at the top-right corner, and then pick Make Public.

  1. Then you shall be presented on the home screen of the Spotify App. Click on the Library option from below as shown below in the image.
how to see who follows your spotify playlist
Spotify Playlist
  • 2. Now you will see the different playlists created by you and others, which you follow, all in one place. Click on the playlist of which you want to check the number of followers and then open it.

How To See Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist
Spotify Playlist

In this way, you can simply check the number of playlist followers you have but you cannot check who the people are following it.

Also, you may view in the screenshot it is written as Like but playlist likes are the same as playlist followers according to Spotify.

how to see who follows your spotify playlist on desktop?

You can also easily check the follower quantity your playlists have on the Spotify desktop app. First, go and download the newest Spotify Desktop app. After downloading, install it the general way and then sign in into your account and open up the app.

  • When you open the app, the first screen you view is this one below in the image. Click on that playlist whose followers you want to check.
  • When you the playlist open, you can then simply see the number of followers the playlist has. You can see your follower number but cannot see the people who follow your playlist.
how to see who follows your playlist on spotify
how to see who follows your playlist on spotify

What are some good playlists on Spotify?

1. Today’s Top Hits
  • 50 songs, 3 hr
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Today’s Top Hits ♫
  • Introduction: The 50 best from the world of music. Always fresh and always brand new.
2. Your Favorite CoffeeHouse
  • 70 songs, 4 hr 19 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Your Favorite CoffeeHouse ♫
  • Introduction: Warm latte, soft comfy chair, and some nice mellow tunes… perfection.
3. Teen Party
  • 50 songs, 2 hr 59 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Teen Party ♫
  • Introduction: Tove Lo is picking the music in Teen Party this weekend!
4. The Sweet Suite
  • 50 songs, 3 hr 51 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ The Sweet Suite ♫
  • Introduction: Come inside The Sweet Suite and get in the mood with some amazing R&B ballads.
5. Acoustic Love
  • 83 songs, 5 hr 10 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Acoustic Love ♫
  • Introduction: Songs to soundtrack your love story. From butterflies and first kisses to bittersweet memories.
6. Totally Stress Free
  • 111 songs, 6 hr 44 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Totally Stress Free ♫
  • Introduction: No need to stress out. Stay relaxed with these easy, upbeat songs.
7. Relax & Unwind
  • 135 songs, 8 hr 40 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Relax & Unwind ♫
  • Introduction: Let your worries and cares slip away…
8. Have a Great Day!
  • 126 songs, 7 hr 25 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Have a Great Day! ♫
  • Introduction: Feel great with these timelessly fun songs!
9. Wake Up Happy
  • 64 songs, 3 hr 41 min
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Wake Up Happy ♫
  • Introduction: Set the mood of your day with these awesome, happy songs!
10. Broken Heart
  • 62 songs, 4 hr
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Broken Heart ♫
  • Introduction: Time will mend a broken heart….. Eventually. In the meantime, nurse your wounds with these heartbreak tracks.

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How do I log into my Spotify account?
In Spotify, click your name at the top-right, and then select Account from the drop-down list that appears. Alternatively, go to Spotify and click login, anywhere you can choose to either log in with your Facebook account details or your Spotify username and password (if you have an older account).
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