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Best Money Making Apps 2020 That Pay You Real Money

The Best Money Making Apps 2020 That Pay You Real Money : – Often people keep searching for the best Money Making Apps 2020 . Such money from Internet making it an excellent choice. But the big question is Which apps that earn real money from Home ? People do not know about it.

So In Today’s Post, I will Tell You about the –  Best Money Earning Apps 2020 & That Pay You Real Money Quickly 2020 from home .

Are you looking for some Paytm Cash Earning Apps in which you can earn money by playing some “Tasks and Games”, then you have come to the right article, today I will tell you Best Money Making Apps 2020 That Pay You Real Money , which help you answer some questions You can earn money by giving and playing games.

You do not have to work very hard to earn money. If you work in the app two or three hours a day, you can easily earn $250

List Of Money Making Apps 2020

On Google Play Store you will find many such applications that give Instant Paytm Cash on referral to their friends. The top 5 Paytm Cash Earning App is listed as such. Which you can download and start earning.

Real Money Earning Games  – WinZo Gold 

Winzo Gold is a gaming app, you can earn money by playing games. In this app, you will get to see many games to play.

  • WinZoBaazi  : –  You get lots of games to play in this 1st option winzo baazi. And you can earn money by playing them.
  • 24 × 7 Tournament: – In  this 2 nd option, you will get to watch 24 x 7 live tournaments. You can also play and win tournaments.
  • Fantasy Legs   – If you want to earn more in this game, then you can play Fantasy Legs on the number three option.
  • You can earn money by playing them comfortably at home.

Real Money Earning Games – Zupee Gold 

Zupee Gold is a quiz and gaming app in which you can answer some questions and play tournaments, and if you win games and tournaments, you will get real Paytm cash in your Paytm wallet.

The questions will be very simple. You can answer them easily. But you only have 10 seconds to answer. And the Zupee Gold app is available for Android users. IOS is not available to users.

  • Tournament 24/7  : –  24/7 tournaments will run in the app. In which you can participate anytime.
  • Refer and Earn  : –  If you invite your friends through your referral link, you will get Rs.10.
  • Fastest Payment  : –  You can withdraw money in Paytm Wallet from the instant gold app.
  • Everyone wins  : –  Here, everyone can earn money by playing tournaments and quizzes.

Make Money Video sharing – VClipV App

VClip is a “video sharing app” in which you can earn money by sharing videos, photos and many more, and you can earn by posting and sharing.

Apart from this, you can also earn by watching videos on it, in which you get a lot of “categories”, you can select your favorite category and watch the video.

  • Invite a friend  : –  You can earn by inviting your friend.
  • Lucky Win  : –  Here you will find some scratch cards. If you scratch it, you will get vclip coins. And with this you get lucky spin. If you spin it, you’ll get more coins in return.
  • Reward Video  : –  You will get some reward videos. If you watch this video, you will get 5+ coins in return.
  • Post & Share Status  : –  If you share video and photo status, you will get +30 coins.

Make Money With Playing Sports – Fanmojo

Fanmojo is India’s best “e-sports” platform where players earn a lot of money by playing sports.

And you get these games to play battles, tournaments, fantasy. The main feature of the Fanmojo app is context and earnings. With this facility, you will get Rs.194 on each referral.

  • Tournament  : –  Here you will see many tournaments. If you play some tournaments then you will get Rs. Can win till 800.
  • Watch and Earn  : –  You can earn up to Rs. 94 by inviting each of your friends.
  • Battle  : –  You can also play battle in it, and you can earn 40 rupees for every battle.
  • Fantasy  : –  You can earn by building your team using cricket knowledge.

Make Money With Video Player Apps – ClipClaps 

Mx Player is a video player app in which you can play any video. But the main thing is that the manufacturer of MX Player “J2 Interactive” had implemented a new earnings feature in MX Player App. Due to which any user can also watch videos in the app and can also enjoy playing games. If you win those games in return then you will get Paytm Cash and you can pay instantly in your Paytm Wallet.

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