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Best Free Android Apps 2020 -Made By Google Play Store

If you planning to Download Best Free Android Apps 2020 … then Have find Android Apps . We’ve picked the best one for you all. You can take it if you want Best Free Android Apps 2020 Made By Google Play Store 2020 .

You will find millions of apps for your Android phone in the Play Store. But not all apps are standard. Usually, apps made by big developers are good in quality, and they can be trusted. The current Android operating system is developed by Google. And that’s why Google’s Android app can be expected to be as good.

There are numerous Google-made apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This article introduces some of the best app out of them.

Best Free Android Apps 2020

1. Major

This is an excellent example of Augmented Reality. With the help of mobile cameras, using AR technology, you can measure distances, shapes and sizes between different objects. But to use this app, you need to have Google AR core feature support on your phone.

2. Files

This app first came up with Android Go Edition called Files Go as the default file manager. Google later released it on the Play Store for other Android phones. This is not only a file manager, but also allows you to remove the junk file of the phone. It also has a backup system in the cloud and sends files like SharePoint.

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3. My Maps

Although Google Maps is our daily companion, many people do not know about this app called My Maps. This is actually a tool to create your own map. This allows you to create a personalized map of an area using the pointer of your choice.

4. Neighborly

This app is still experimental in the Play Store. But this is a very nice app. At the same time it has many possibilities. The app is very quora or this kind of knowledge sharing type app. Here one can ask questions about a particular place and other users can answer. If its proper use is ensured, it may greatly benefit new residents in the area.

5. Expeditions

This is a very unfamiliar app. Being a standalone app, Google is not marketing it as well. This is basically a virtual reality app. With the help of virtual reality, you can explore from different historical places, from space to space. This app will be very useful for teaching kids. Adults will have fun using it as well.

6. Photoscan

This is basically a camera app. But this app will help you digitize by scanning any document or printed image using your phone’s camera. It produces high-quality output by separating individual parts of a large document by taking pictures individually. Besides, there are several features including auto cropping, glare removal. It will be quite useful to digitize old pictures or documents in the room.

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7. Tunatastic 3D

Although it’s primarily designed for kids, it is fun for people of all ages to use it. This allows you to create 3D animations with some simple drag and drop tools. You can also add to the animation by recording your own voice.

8. Cardboard camera

It’s also a camera app. This allows you to take 3D pictures of a place. The funny thing is, you can record the surroundings of the place with the pictures. Later on using this app you can see them using VR goggles.  this app better for you , so download – best free android app for photo editing

9. Spotlight Stories

In this app, Google made 3-degree movies with some 3D animations. With these movies you can get a wonderful experience of 3D visuals and sound. The app is just for fun. Google has not added too much story here yet. However, you can test the existing ones. So, freinds download the best free android movie apps 2020 .

10. Arts and Culture

This is going to be an app of choice for those who like history. Through it you can view various art and historical artifacts from over 3 archives. You can also take virtual tours to different museums.

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